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Even though everyone is speculating on the Apple Tablet announcement which is supposedly occuring next week, people haven’t forgotten about the iPhone (and for good reason).  The iPhone 4G (if you will) will supposedly sport an OLED display, 5-megapixel camera and a release date between May and July.  Those appear to be the most likely rumors and they are definitely plausible given Apple’s release history and current trends in the mobile market.

A few other rumors that are ranking high in the lists are a front-facing camera, dual-core processor with more RAM and a touch-sensitive case.  A French site has put together a visual guide of the iPhone 4G rumors to date and the likelihood of them occurring. (visual after the jump)

NowhereElse lists the possibility of a removable battery as 60% likely.  I don’t see that happening, ever.  Nonetheless, this is a pretty good guide to the iPhone 4G.  What would you like to see most?  Leave a comment!

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