Being the BestTechie that I am, I installed the iOS 12 beta on both my iPhone X and iPad Pro earlier this week after the WWDC keynote. There are a number of new features in iOS 12, including Apple’s brand new feature that’s designed to help you get a better handle on how addicted to your phone you actually are. The new feature is called ScreenTime and similar to what Google released in Android P, it tracks your phone usage.

Apple’s ScreenTime feature will show you nice looking graphs to help you gauge how bad your smartphone addiction is. In addition to the graphs, it tells you things like how often you pickup your phone as well as what apps you use and for how long you use them. What I didn’t expect ScreenTime to show (but it does) is which websites you spend the longest amount of time on (at least if you’re using the default iOS browser, Safari).

An astute reddit user, /u/newmacbookpro pointed this out earlier today. And as they correctly note, “It’ll be fun when you show to your friends how you spend time on your phone and PornHub and similar appear with dozens of hours.”

I decided to test this myself (with less risque websites) and can confirm in the current iOS 12 beta, it does track which websites you spend the most time on.

Ultimately what this means is it appears ScreenTime will also tell you if you have a porn addiction in addition to a smartphone addiction. 

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