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It seems that the future versions of Google Glass will be powered by Intel processors, a development being reported by the Wall Street Journal today. The news comes by way of “people familiar with the matter,” who say that the deal will push processors built by Texas Instruments out of the wearable and bring Intel’s chips in.

As of now, the two companies have yet to comment publicly on the deal, but if it’s true, it could represent a good sign for Goggle Glass’s future. Lately, Glass has seen software support drying up, like the loss of support for the official Twitter app on Glass. On the other hand, the device has been gaining traction in the enterprise world, with Google’s Glass at Work program finding support in third party partners. So far, Glass is much more useful in workplace and enterprise settings than it is out in the “real” world.

Intel’s involvement, however, could mean that a consumer-grade version of Glass is coming down the pike sooner than later. As of now, Google has only released the “Explorer” version – a $1,500 headset that makes wearers look kind of stupid. If Google has a more fashionable version in the works that’s powered by Intel, a consumer version of Glass might find success where the Explorer version hasn’t so far.

Furthermore, one of the only head-mounted wearable tech products to be released to this point has been the Gear VR from Samsung, made in partnership with Oculus. While that product has only just barely hit the shelves, it’s likely something of a test run for Samsung to take on Google in wearable headset game. Google’s partnership with Intel might be one of the ways that Google is preparing to elevate its battle with Samsung – and maybe even Apple, if rumors of their work on head-mounted wearables turn out to be true, too.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about this supposed partnership before too long – stay tuned.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]



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