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Way back last summer, Nokia and Microsoft teamed up to release the Lumia 1020, a Windows Phone-powered smartphone sporting a ridiculous 41-megapixel camera, making it the handset with the biggest, baddest camera sensor around. Now, a year and a half later, with Nokia Mobile having been absorbed into Microsoft, leaks are flowing out about the long-awaited successor to the 1020, the Lumia 1030.

f82e8a51f3deb48fc7258f9df31f3a292cf5787cA post on Neowin has pictures and details (posted originally on Chinese site Baidu) about a new Lumia camera that’s running Windows Phone 8.1 – the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system – and sports 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage under a 1080p high definition display. Those specs, it should be pointed out, are pretty much identical to those found in the 1020 from mid-2013, so if this is the Lumia 1030, any improvements we wind up seeing will likely be found in the camera and the upgraded operating system (as the 1020 ran the older Windows Phone 8).

Other images show the camera lens area on the new device, which looks very similar to the one on the 1020. That in and of itself makes it seem pretty likely that this is, indeed, the follow-up to the powerful camera phone from last year. Moreover, it’s important to note that it’s in Microsoft’s best interests to start putting out exciting and interesting smartphones soon, since their recent acquisition of Nokia hasn’t really yielded, well, anything.

After a brief tease of new Lumia devices coming soon, Microsoft went ahead and announced the Lumia 535, a low-priced mid-range phone targeted at territories outside of the United States. Considering Microsoft isn’t likely to give up on its home territory without more of a fight, this new device that we’re seeing in these photos ought to be the next flagship handset launched here in the States. If it isn’t, then I’m stumped.

Would you be into a new version of the Lumia 1020? And is Windows Phone 8.1 – and the promise of a new Windows 10 mobile operating system – enough to get you to switch to Microsoft’s forthcoming Lumia device with the above-described specs?

[Source: Baidu via Neowin]

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