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Apple lovers, rejoice, for the day has finally come! Tomorrow, our hunger will finally be satisfied, as Tim Cook takes the stage to announce the glorious device that we’ve all been anxiously waiting for—the iPhone 6. Rumors have been swirling left and right, up and down, as iPhone lovers take to the Internet to discuss their high expectations and must-have features.

In anticipation of the big event, eBay Australia set out to compile some fascinating facts surrounding the iPhone 6 rumors and predictions, polling a sample of iPhone users about their must-have features and typical iPhone usage. The results are beautifully summarized in the following infographic.

Topping the list of must-have features: improved battery life, crack resistant screen, and water resistance (necessary for those of you, like me, who have a tendency to accidently drop your iPhone in the toilet). In addition to the longer lasting battery, 40% of iPhone users would like to see the iPhone offer a removable battery. Interestingly, the removable battery is one feature that is repeatedly requested by iPhone users desiring more flexibility, however, my guess is Apple won’t be giving into that desire anytime soon. The remaining features are pretty realistic expectations, many of which may even be fulfilled.

Despite the hefty price tag of the iPhone, many are readying their wallets for the upgrade and are flocking to eBay to unload their soon-to-be obsolete devices. A quick eBay search for “iPhone 5S” returns an endless amount of old devices, with every possible configuration you can imagine. Surprisingly, even poor condition and cracked screens doesn’t seem to deter bidders from shelling out upwards of $365. According to the poll, 42% of iPhone users want at least $250 for their old iPhone, while 18% of that 42% expect to get more than what they want on eBay. Based on the selection of iPhones that are currently selling on eBay, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you got more than $250 for a phone in great condition.

Come tomorrow, we will see what Apple has in store for us. If you are planning to upgrade regardless of what is announced, hurry up and get your phone up on eBay while the demand is still strong and the bids are high!

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