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Just like Apple’s ads have a tendency to get people talking (and buying), IKEA’s new ad campaign, inspired by Apple’s creative ad concepts, is doing just that. IKEA decided to mimic Apple in its latest ad to introduce its latest and greatest innovation—the 2015 BookBook, an amazingly fresh take on the outdated print catalog. Maybe print isn’t dying after all!

It’s not uncommon for companies to parody Apple in their marketing efforts, so why is this news? IKEA’s execution of the BookBook ad showcases excellent attention to detail, so much so that you’d think Apple was the one announcing the BookBook. From the Chief Design Guru sitting on a stool against a white background while teasing viewers about the BookBook’s magical features to the anti-gravity shot of the revolutionary new catalog gracefully floating through the air, each frame was flawlessly produced.

Unfortunately, this ad campaign won’t be making its way to American televisions, so you will just have to enjoy it on YouTube for now. Check out the 2015 IKEA catalog in stores and let us know if you think it lives up to all of the hype!

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