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Those who know me, know I’m a huge Apple fan: I love Apple products. I love Apple events. I love Apple. But today, I don’t know, I just found myself very bored during portions of the event. Am I alone here? Were you bored by today’s event too?

apple-event-hbo-nowFirst of all, the event started off very slowly in my opinion. The whole HBO Now thing is cool, $15/month for HBO access without needing a cable provider. But I wasn’t watching an Apple event to hear about HBO and its products. I thought when Tim mentioned Apple TV we were in for a big surprise, but alas, not today (though something does appear to be brewing in Cupertino related to TV). I think Tim dropped enough hints to make that clear.

Then we moved onto the iPhone and Apple Pay with news of a number of new retailers offering support for Apple Pay. After Apple Pay it was HealthKit which led to the announcement of ResearchKit. Now don’t get me wrong, I was impressed with the number of the initiatives and things that can be done with ResearchKit. I’m also all for using tech to improve your health, it’s just a very dry (yet important) subject.

When it came to the new MacBook, that captured my attention for a bit, I think the new Force Touch technology as well as the new keyboard and battery designs are awesome. That being said, it’s not a computer that I want.


The part of the event I was looking forward to most was saved for the end, the Apple Watch (which is fine, but waiting to get there was tough). Then they brought out Christy Turlington Burns to share her experience with the Apple Watch as she prepared for a half-marathon. Boring. I mean I got the point, they wanted to show use cases and how Apple Watch is making her life (and subsequently other women’s lives) better. Fine.

After that we spent what felt like God-knows how long on demoing several different apps, including ones that were shown off during the previous event where the Watch was actually announced. I don’t know, it was cool to see what can be done, but I think a major reason I was bored by this event in particular was because we knew most of this stuff — it wasn’t new. It was like, yawn yawn, when do we get to stuff we haven’t heard before?


Then came price. This is a part I woke up for. I’m probably going to end up getting the Apple Watch (42mm Stainless Steel) with a sport band + another band for non-workout times. The price point was pretty much where I expected. Lastly, the price of the Apple Watch Edition was announced: starts at $10,000 as rumored. Then it was over.

I’ve watched a lot of Apple events in my life and today was definitely the most boring one I’ve ever witnessed. To me, it was like: Whatever. When can I get my hot little hands on the Watch? Pre-orders are April 10 with the devices official release date being April 24.

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