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This past Christmas, Apple dominated device activations, with Samsung, Sony, and LG representing Android’s more modest slice of the top five. HTC, meanwhile, enjoyed less than one percent of all new device activations on the big holiday, despite releasing some of the best-reviewed Android phones in 2014. Undaunted, HTC seems intent on turning heads at CES and beyond, as the company has begun teasing some “huge surprises” in 2015.

A post on AndroidCentral points the way back to some tweets from HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon, who is more than a little stoked about what his company will be showing off this year.

See that? HTC’s roadmap is going to be their “best ever,” and there will be some “huge surprises.” To me, that sounds like they’ve got more up their sleeves than simply more smartphones, as we speculated regarding HTC’s recent teasers about a new Desire handset the other day.

We know HTC has plans for a new flagship phone codenamed “Hima” that’s set to outclass the well-reviewed HTC One M8 from last year. We know that HTC earned the privilege of making Google’s great Nexus 9 tablet late in 2014, though it remains to be seen how well that device will do as time goes on. And HTC introduced a new gadget, the Re Camera, just a couple months ago. What’s next for HTC? What surprises might we see? Rumors have swirled that HTC was looking to jump into the wearables game, with work being done on a new Android Wear smartwatch. Other rumors say that work on the HTC smartwatch was stopped not too long ago – but as of now, either possibility is, well, possible.

Overall, what we’ve seen out of HTC this year is that it’s not afraid to stretch out of its comfort zone, making bold innovations with smartphones, taking on new categories like cameras, and handling a new premium tablet, too. It seems likely that HTC will, indeed, surprise us with some new and interesting ideas. Will they be enough to bring the company into contention with the likes of Samsung and Apple, though?

[Source: AndroidCentral]

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