How To: iPod Touch Jailbreak

Today, if you’re a techie, a geek, or whatever you want to call yourself and you own Apple‘s new iPod Touch, chances are you are going to want to Jailbreak it. Jailbreaking your iPod Touch or iPhone allows you to install 3rd party applications which in return allow you to do a number of things such as, use IRC, install an httpd such as Apache or Lighttpd, Twitter, access flickr, and so much more. However, there is one application that I installed that I’m very excited about called Simplify Media, which allows you to access your music on your home computer even if its not on your iPod.

This is something that is the way of the future especially with that upcoming 700mhz spectrum that many companies including Google are bidding for. Imagine that, you’ll no longer need a huge hard drive in your iPod to listen to all your music so long as you have a WiFi connection, you can access your music at home.

Jailbreak Info:

Simplify Media:

Have you jailbroken your iPod or iPhone? What’s your favorite application? Leave a comment!

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  • thanks im buying a ipod touch this weakend and i whanted to put all of my music on it but it didnt have enea gb to do it so know that i know about this software it will be alot esyer thanks agan

  • This seems like a great way to void my warranty! I will have to try this after i buy my new iPod touch this weekend…


  • Hey you guys, I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for helping me with your you tube videos on jailbreaking the Ipod touch.(especially jeff). I have very little knowledge about what I was doing and was scared to do it but I read up as much as I could and watched many videos before proceeding but finally I got it done! I now own a fully jail broke 1.1.4 Ipod touch with all third party apps and the january software upgrade for free!!! yeah thanks again Jeff. you saved me twenty bucks. My method was I took my ipod online and got a program called Ziphone which was great, it did all the leg work, after it broke my ipod I just updated all my software and then used installer and another third party source to get the Jan. upgrade. Now I also have summerboard and alot more cool stuff. Everyone I know is jealous cause I have the coolest Ipod in town and they cant figure out how I did it!! Thanks guys you rock!

  • hey jeff. i have now 4.1 firmware and my itouch is 2g 8gb mc model and i want to jailbreak it.. i used limerain and greenposion but i was not sucessful..  limain said device jailbreaked but no icon appear on itouc. and green posison say that jailbreak failed..  any other jailbreak u know..  ??

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