How to get the most out of your content analytics

Back in June I did a presentation at the WordPress NYC meet up on how to get the most out of your content analytics. The presentation runs about 30 minutes and at the end I took some questions from the audience. You can watch it below!

Key points

  • We need to stop relying on the page view as the defacto standard of content performance.
  • Start using clarity metrics not vanity metrics to determine success.
  • Determining audience engagement is a multi-faceted problem and should be measured as such.
  • It’s important to leverage tools such as custom reports to dive deeper into understanding your audience.
  • Automated insights will continue to become more common among analytics services/tools.
  • Data is not the devil and it should be viewed as a tool/benefit that can help grow and retain your audience.


About the author

— Jeff Weisbein

Jeff is the founder & CEO of BestTechie. He has over 10 years of experience working with technology and building businesses. He loves to travel and listen to music.

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