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Google has already confirmed that there are two most important factors that contribute to the rankings of a website: links and content. When we’re talking about links, we’re talking about high authority, quality, and genuine links. You can’t climb the ladder by trying to steal. Google will catch you; they always do. Therefore, you’ll need to build white-hat links which are based on value.

Now, the other most important factor is content. A website that ranks high in the SERPs is most likely to display quality content that’s helpful to one or more audiences. Google’s main purpose is to help the global searchers find relevant answers to their queries. The more content you post and the higher quality it presents the better you’ll be perceived by Google and all the other search engines.

Still, before creating that content, you might as well understand how great content looks like. In today’s post, we’re giving you 4 terrific insights on how to develop content which is predisposed to high rankings. Keep in mind that SEO is a very flexible field.

Results are guaranteed as long as the effort remains consistent. However, if you encounter some bad results during the first tries, do not get discouraged. Build up some momentum and keep testing content. Optimize your content development processes and dance with Google for a while. It takes time and a lot of patience. But once the results show up, you’ll be glad that you’ve worked on it from the beginning.

Here are the most important aspects that you should look after while developing your content that’ll have a great SEO performance:

1.    Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

First things first. Before you even consider ranking your content, you need to have a very well-thought content development and content marketing plan. Both are extremely important. You need to update your audience on a constant basis, so you can’t afford sitting on bench.

The content marketing plan makes the difference between success and failure. You need to decide upon different distribution channels. You’ll need a social media presence, as well as a diversified presence in more quality places. For example, niche forums or Q&A platforms like Quora.

Write it all down, organize a sequence of actions, then start working on your content marketing strategy every day. Write a post, share a video, answer a few questions, or try several more content strategies.

2.    Write Unique Content – Always

Google wants unique content. Every webmaster must deliver content which hasn’t been shared on the Internet before. Therefore, as long as you write the content from your own mind, you will never write duplicated content. You should know by now that Google will penalize your website in case it contains content which is not unique.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to be original. You can look at whatever content you want, copy some ideas, and put them into your own words, adding more value to it.

3.    Offer Unique Value

Unique value is different from unique content. Step back and think what value means. If someone would ask you “What is valuable content?” What would you answer? I bet that the answer is very close to what Google wants to accomplish.

Google expects websites to offer “unique value”. Value is the most predominant factor which will make the content appealing to a lot of individuals. If you offer something unique in value, you not only get Google’s attention but you’ll also turn your prospects into customers.

Remember this. When people consume content, they do it with a reason. They expect to solve their problems and satisfy their numerous needs. Be relevant, helpful, and bring something new to the table.

4.    Your Pages Must Be High-Quality

Your content must be incorporated in a high-quality website which contains high-quality pages. Google does not only rank your content but also your website’s functionality and the quality of the user experience. Google doesn’t like to publicly display all of its ranking factors.

However, plenty of great marketers have tested its algorithms for quite a while now, and several factors have been mentioned on a frequent basis:

  • Unique, relevant, impeccable content. First off, unique. Relevant and helpful means that it answers the prospect’s wishes. And impeccable means no mistakes.
  • High-quality links. If you gather backlinks from websites which are high in rankings, it will mean more in Google’s eyes.
  • Fast page loading speed. Google declared that pages with a slow loading speed will be penalized. You need to offer the user a great experience – that means you shouldn’t make them wait.
  • Simplicity in use. The website visitor needs to find what he’s looking for immediately, without much hustle. Think about his intent and optimize your pages in such a way that they respond to the user’s immediate needs.
  • Optimized for Mobile Users. Mobile optimization is a must! You can’t expect to have high rankings if users can’t access your website from their phones. Most people use phones nowadays, so you’d better have a great website for mobile!


Writing content that ranks is both art and science. You need to know what to expect, that’s why you need to keep an eye on Google’s updates. New algorithms might change everything. Also pay attention to Google’s representatives. Most of them are leaving clues throughout their speeches. It’s important that you keep testing and optimizing your content up to the point where you learn what works best for your own website.

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