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Google is a digital titan and you don’t want to mess around with it. The company established a full set of rules that you must respect in order to keep your online business alive. Following these standards, you get the opportunity to compete with other companies in a cyber market. But if you don’t, Google will penalize your website.

It is not necessary to explain too extensively the consequences of Google’s discipline measures. They will immediately hurt your project and you will have to invest a lot of time (and money) to get back where you once were, while competitors will be a long way ahead.

For this reason, it is not the question whether you should play the way Google tells you to. The question is how to do it precisely and continuously. Our suggestions will help you learn how to avoid getting penalized by Google in 2018.

You Cannot Buy Links

Buying links is one of the most harmful SEO practices. It doesn’t matter whether you do it from private blogging networks (PBN) or regular websites, Google will penalize you just the same. Its purpose is to increase your ranking artificially, which is not approved by the biggest search engine. Google has been investing a lot recently in technology that prevents link buying, so you will probably be discovered. But the solution is simple – don’t buy links.

Avoid Keyword Overuse

You’ve probably heard many times that digital content is supposed to be keyword rich, which indeed is true. However, it doesn’t mean that you should exercise the so-called keyword-stuffing in order to skyrocket webpage ranking. Google disapproves such behavior and stimulates the production of high-quality content. The search engine uses advanced algorithms to detect and penalize keyword abusers. Therefore, create a habit of making valuable, not keyword-stuffed, posts.

Don’t Steal Content

As the Internet giant, Google is constantly growing and improving capabilities. Today, it is relatively easy for this system to recognize content theft and label you as digital thief. Mark Coleman, an SEO specialist at Best Essays, explained it briefly: “In terms of plagiarism, Google functions pretty much like the real world – you don’t have the right to do it and you will be punished as soon as you get caught. The only difference is that you can get caught stealing online much easier, so make sure to create your own content.”

Stop Intrusive Advertising

Pop-ups and similar types of advertising methods used to be a cool thing in the early stages of online marketing. But the fairytale was over soon and now more than 600 million surfers use ad blockers enjoy content peacefully. The reason is simple – people want to focus on posts they were searching for and don’t want promotional messages to interrupt. If you rely on this advertising tactic too often, chances are Google will suspend you.

Stay Away From Content Cloaking

Cloaking is one more way to increase search engine ranking irregularly. In its essence, the objective of cloaking is to present real content to the user but show something completely different to Google. This practice misguides spiders that crawl through the content.

Since Google has to know what is going on around the WWW, it will penalize you severely for misleading the search engine. And once you pay the fine, it will be extremely challenging to breathe a brand new life into your brand.

Spamming Can Destroy You

The anti-spam policy is one of the Google’s most important protection mechanisms. The biggest search engine hates ‘spammy’ content and if it reveals any activities in that regard, you will be penalized instantly. This is especially dangerous when you give links to websites already recognized as spammy. In this case, the only thing you will improve will be the negative ranking.

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Don’t Make False Statements

You may have noticed that Google trying to adapt search engine technology so as to fit the traditional understanding of human morale. In that respect, Google is also fighting against false claims and statements that can mislead users. If users write too many negative comments about you, Google will probably find a correlation between your clickbait claims and the content you really offer to the followers. It won’t kill you but rest assured it will undermine your search ranking.

Pay Attention to Blog Comments

If you are running a blog, you have to be careful with the comment section. A lot of online comments are spammy in nature and you have to eliminate it from your page. But if you leave it like that, Google will notice irregularities and recognize an entire blog page as spam. You will have to pay the fine in this case, so you better keep your eyes open wide.


Marketing content is a big booster of modern business but Google is the ultimate generator in that regard. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to present products or services to the wider audience and increase brand awareness successfully.

That’s why you have to respect Google’s norms and act according to its technical guideline. In this article, we showed you how to avoid getting penalized by Google in 2018. Keep our tips in mind and act accordingly because these are the 8 Google commandments for this year.


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