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If you visit Apple’s pre-order page for the iPhone 5c you’ll notice that the device is still available for delivery on 9/20 (next Friday) despite having been available for pre-order now approximately 9 whole hours.  How could this be you ask?  Apple always sells out of pre-orders, usually in record time each year.  That’s true enough, the iPhone 5 sold out in 60 minutes last year, but before you go all crazy and dump all of your AAPL stock there’s a perfectly logical explanation why they didn’t sell out of pre-orders: Apple is selling last year’s hardware.

Pair the fact that Apple is selling last year’s hardware in a plastic shell, which by the way is easier to manufacture than aluminum, it makes sense as to why the company wouldn’t be selling out of pre-orders (or at least not selling out so quickly).  It’s easier to fulfill the demand.  Plus, there’s five different color choices too.  And don’t forget that prior to the release of the new iPhones, Apple was meeting the demand for the iPhone 5 without any problems, why would the 5c be any different?

So there you have it.  That’s why the pre-orders haven’t sold out.  No need to freak out.

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