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If you’re interested in seeing what an Apple Watch might look like on your wrist, a new augmented reality app from Belgian developer Underside may pique your interest. Called ARWatch (via a post on FastCompany), the app works with your iPhone’s camera and a strip of paper users can print out to simulate the presence of an Apple Watch on your arm.

The process is and result is relatively simple: print out a paper replica of the 38mm version of the Apple Watch and slap it on your wrist. After that, boot up the app on your iPhone and take a look at the screen. Like magic, where once there was paper, now there is an Apple Watch! Sort of!

In truth, the video won’t really fool anyone into thinking you’ve got an Apple Watch, especially seeing as how it sort of floats over your arm, rather than actually sits on it. Tapping the “Watch” will change the band color, so you can see how different hues might work with your wardrobe. If nothing else, it’s an interesting way to see if the proportions of the Watch will work on your arm.

Considering that all of the Apple Watch press images we’ve seen consist of the thing floating in space, it might be nice to see how it looks on a human wrist.

That’s certainly something that would’ve helped me while I was in the market for an Android Wear timepiece. Currently, my Asus ZenWatch fits on my arm pretty well, but it’s still a little on the large side. The Moto 360, meanwhile, was ridiculously oversized. By good fortune, I received a faulty device when I ordered it, so I was able to get a full refund without having to try and make it work as a viable fashion option.

So this is a neat little app. But unlike the majority of Android Wear devices to release so far, users will have the opportunity to visit an Apple Store and actually try a Watch on in real life. Sure, this app is a nice workaround that could save a car trip. But Apple has gone out of its way to make sure that users will have the chance to try a device on before they buy it. If you’re really curious, be sure to download the app. Otherwise, you might be better off simply finding a good time to visit your local mall.

[Underside’s ARWatch via FastCompany]

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