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There are some brands whose name is practically synonymous with any product in that category. When you hear Xerox, you think of a photocopy. Google is a search for information on the internet. Band-Aid—wraps for minor cuts. Kleenex equals tissues.Tupperware and Velcro are both brand names that encompass every product in their categories. When you think of action cameras, or first-person video footage, you think GoPro. Normal cameras just can’t go where a GoPro can. Most people can’t name another company with similar status or technology. That shows just how strong this brand name has become.

So why is the GoPro so popular?

GoPro has their own YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers. They’ve produced more than three thousand videos captured by their product. Those videos have generated billions of views. Most of us don’t want to or can’t go rock climbing, skydiving, surf double overhead waves or visit an active volcano. However, we can live vicariously through the footage obtained by people who do. GoPro cameras and accessories make it easy for just about anyone to be a “Hero” of their own design. Part of the popularity of GoPro comes from the marketing and product names.

According to GoPro Founder Nick Woodman, “GoPro” refers to a mindset that encourages everyone to “attack it to the fullest”. Whatever it is that drives you, give it your best, always. The “Hero” product line serves as an inspiration to use your GoPro to take footage that results in you playing that hero part. That sort of branding is something that money just can’t buy. In fact, the GoPro marketing budget for a two-year period (2010 to 2011) was just $65,000. Most marketing professionals make more than that in yearly salary.

There ARE options!

GoPro, because of its name alone, still sets the bar for action cameras. People can (and do) pay more for the name alone. There are some products on the market that stack up well against the newest GoPro Hero 6 – retailing for $499. One such product comes from AKASO. Their 2017 version of the EK7000 4K Action Camera features WIFI, Ultra HD, is waterproof, has a 170 degree angle lens and 19 mounting kits. It retails for just $76. That’s a discount of 80% compared to a GoPro.

The AKASO is just one example of a plethora of actions cameras priced below $100. This article outlines almost a dozen more. Prices start from $40. Anyone in the market to purchase an action camera should examine all options available. Price should be just one of the variables in the decision-making process. There is nothing as powerful in business as a brand name, synonymous with a particular product. That doesn’t mean that other products in this area don’t exist.

Bottom line: It pays to make sure you do your homework before making a purchase.  Sometimes it pays, to not pay for a brand name.


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