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Google has just unveiled some brand new search functionality into their search results.  These new features include promotion of results, removal of results, and even commenting on search results (which are made public).  There isn’t much information currently available on these new features as they appear to be brand new – I just noticed them a few minutes ago.

What I would expect though is that Google will be using these features to help improve search results for their users based on each person’s promotion of their results.  Obviously this would greatly improve individual search results of each of their users (at least those with Google Accounts) and provide them with more effective and accurate search results.

Excellent idea and feature!  My only concern is if these suggestions are used to alter others results, because I have a feeling if that is the case particular sites may be “promotion bombed” (if you will) to improve their overall ranking in Google’s indexes.

Overall, I’m excited to see this and plan to use it heavily to tailor my results for the best.

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