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Google has spent $1.1 billion in the first half of 2010 on startup acquisitions alone.  The company has bought 22 startups so far this year.   However, the majority of the amount was spent in the somewhat recently completed acquisition of mobile ad service AdMob.

Google’s acquisition spree has been geared towards smaller startups, but Google did list 20 of its acquisitions under one lump sum totaling $293 million which is an average of $14.7 million per deal.  Another interesting fact revealed by Google was that its AdMob acquisition cost was in fact less than the previously announced price of $750 million.  The closing price of the AdMob acquisition came in at $681 million, consisting of Google stock and $26 million in cash.

If you remember from earlier this year, Google acquired the video compression service On2 Technologies.  That acquisition was the second biggest deal during the first half of 2010.  The On2 acquisition cost Google $123 million.  And of course, we heard news earlier this month, Google has announced plans to buy travel technology company ITA Software Inc. for $700 million.  Of course, this deal is expected to take several months to complete due to regulatory approval, but it is in the works.  I see Google’s money trees are in full bloom this year.


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