Looks like Google is getting into the speed test game

It wasn’t too long ago that Netflix launched Fast.com, a site that tests the speed of your internet connection. But even before Fast.com existed there were a number of internet speed test sites including Speedtest.net which is arguably [still] the most popular speed test destination for people looking to see how fast their internet speeds are and if in fact they are getting the speeds they’re paying for. But now it seems we have a new entrant in the speed test market: Google.

Yep, Google. Right within your search results, you never even have to leave the google.com domain. It’s pretty nifty. I stumbled across the feature when I actually meant to head over to Speedtest.net but typed “speed test” into Google Chrome and noticed something interesting atop all the results.

Google now lets you run an internet speed test right from google.com.
Google now lets you run an internet speed test right from google.com.

Nice placement, right above Speedtest.net.

So I clicked Run Speed Test and this is what happened:

Testing my download speeds...
Testing my download speeds…
Testing my upload speeds...
Testing my upload speeds…

And once it finished I was presented with a nice explainer how how good my internet connection actually is.

I have very fast internet.
I have very fast internet.

Which of these speed test services is your favorite? I mean having a speed test right in my Google results seems pretty nifty, but I don’t think it’s any more convenient since it’s literally the same amount of steps as if I were to go directly to speedtest.net or fast.com and hit the start button.

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