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Since the disappointing demise of RSS reader Google Reader earlier this year, a competing product by the name of Feedly slowly began to offer a paid, premium version of its service. It was limited in quantity from the outset, specifically to a paltry 5,000 users, but is now being aggressively expanded… to include everyone.

Well, everyone who wants to pay for it, that is.

Starting today, Feedly Pro will be available to anyone interested in subscribing to one of two available subscription plans, both supporting a breadth of premium features that include one-click Evernote and Pocket integration, as well as premium customer support. Additional features will be added progressively in the future, the company promises.

One of the most substantial features of Feedly Pro, though, is its inclusion of a search function – which many RSS readers have had challenges in implementing (simply due to the complexities involved). Though competing alternative Feedspot has such search functionality and competitor Digg Reader promises its eventual consideration, Feedly Pro includes article search with every Feedly Pro account.


Tech Crunch reports in its first impressions with the service that it needs to have “some of its kinks worked out” first to be considered a high-quality search candidate, but is “still far more convenient to have” than not at all.

As far as available plans, you can get your hands on Feedly Pro today for $5/month or $45/year. There are no differences between the two plans, with the exception being that the yearly plan is closer to $3.75/month (since you’re paying up-front and all at once). If you enjoy using Feedly for keeping up on your RSS feeds, and genuinely feel as though you’ll use it often, the yearly package might be worth the early investment.

If you’d rather experiment, we encourage you to try Feedly’s basic membership, and upgrade to monthly if you find yourself in need of more advanced features.

But since over 13 million users 30 API partners have flocked to Feedly since Google’s shutdown of Google Reader, it’s becoming all the more persuasive an option for article reading and management. If you’re convinced, you can activate your Feedly Pro membership as early as… well, right now.

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