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After much requesting on the part of the user, Google today delivered a long-awaited feature for both Gmail and Google Calendar: the ability to export and download your data. This will allow you to personally archive their important emails and events, or even import them to another service for use.

The data can be downloaded directly from your Google account page, and will be made available as a MBOX format (a family of file formats related to email and calendar entries). You can customize what subsets of emails, labels and specific calendars you’d like to download, giving you more alternatives to simply downloading your entire backlog.


This feature is part of Google’s Takeout service, which as part of your account, allows you to download custom archives of your data across many of Google’s products that you use. Now including Gmail and Google Calendar, you can download data from Google+, YouTube, Google contacts, Google Drive, Google Voice, Google Profile, Google location history, Google Hangouts, and more.

As of now, the feature isn’t quite ready for use with Gmail, but Google says that functionality will be ready within the next month. Google Calendar and all other platforms are primed and ready with the feature as of today.

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