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In a time when broadband consumers are trying to get what they are paying for in terms of connection speeds in addition to wondering if their speeds are being throttled by their ISP (Internet Service Provider) Google has decided to step in and announce that they will be providing tools to detect if your ISP is in fact throttling your connection.

ISP’s such as Comcast have been accused of and even brought before the FCC for this very hot topic.  If anything, this is a great PR move for Google (at least with power users/heavy Internet users), because to be quite honest here, the average Joe Schmo will not be downloading or using these applications.  Which leads me to my question as to why Google is doing this?  Yes, they have been very vocal on their stance about Net Neutrality, but, why do they feel the need to develop these tools?  Money burning a hole in their pocket?  I do not know.

However, I must say, I am sure many people will appreciate these tools, as I will.  Thank you, Google for looking out for everyone on the Web.  Perhaps, it is time for a slight adjustment to your slogan? – “Do no evil, prevent all evil.”

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