Google AdSense 10th Birthday Celebrated With A Game of Pong

There have been a lot of 10 year birthdays recently, including our own!  However, today isn’t about us, today is about Google AdSense, which is celebrating its 10th birthday.  The publishers ad platform that revolutionized the way many publishers earn money online has been around for a decade today and the AdSense team has decided to celebrate with a game of Pong.

If you hover over the big 10 graphic on the bottom left-hand side of your AdSense page, a green loading bar will appear and then you’ll be entered into a game of Pong, which you can play against the computer.

In order to play, you use your mouse to move the yellow bar up and down the page and click to release the yellow circle.

What are you waiting for?  Go play!  Show the computer who’s boss.

Smartphone addiction isn't real, can we please stop this already

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— Jeff Weisbein

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hi jeff i really like this game in adsense panel.

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