Coronavirus has disrupted the standard calendar of technological events all around the world. Many events have been outright shut down, postponed, or moved to online platforms. The latter, that is, online tech events are wonderful for all the tech lovers who have been waiting to join some of the biggest conferences, stay on top of tech events, get the latest tech news, build their skills and network with people from all over the world!

Here are the top free online tech events and conferences around the world.

Builder Live

An amazing online tech event that aims to bring about a digital transformation. From helping you connect with a team of technical experts who help you visualise and scope out your idea to helping you build software products that drive productivity – Builder Live is a must-attend online tech event, if you are interested in software development.


This event is for developers, data scientists, engineers and decision-makers from all aspects of the ML technology. Learn about TensorFlow, PyTorch, and much more with the online conference happening in San Francisco.

Google Cloud Next’20

This is perhaps one of the most awaited events of the year. The Google convention is being organized in San Francisco, California, from 14th July. The online conference is for people who are interested in knowing about what’s happening at the Google cloud platform. This is not just a conference for those hoping for the latest tech updates, but you can also access many workshops, network with people from your arena of expertise, and join any of their educational programs.

Black Hat

Black Hat is the crème de la crème of the world of security, and you can join the conference in August for four days of unlimited training on the security aspects. After this, there are two days when you can sit through the main conference and watch visionary speakers talk about security practices. The main conference talks about new and emerging trends in the fields of information security.

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Slack Frontiers

Coming to you live this fall, this event will be full of keynote speeches, hands-on workshops, and various networking programs aimed at creators, partners, and collaborations. Learn all the ways you can make your organization more competitive and creative.

This is a great forum where you can get in touch with leaders from your area of expertise. Share your ideas and strategies and help each other grow.

Oracle OpenWorld Reimagined

Another coveted event in the tech world, the Oracle OpenWorld will recommence their physical conferencing beginning 2021. At this time, you can join their conference on September 21st. Meet some of the most prominent inventors of the IT industry.

See what the key decision-makers have to say about the business. Understand the requirements of your users. There are many keynote speeches from big personas from oracle and other partner companies. You’ll also get lots of hands-on practice to work through your understanding of technology.

The Blockchain Expo

Whether you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast or a practitioner in blockchain, this conference has a lot to offer. Over 12 thousand people are expected to join. Meet the CTOs, IT directors, and innovation heads all in one place.

The expo aims to display some of the most cutting edge technologies. There are over 500 speakers in the event and 30 exhibitors. Learn from their unparalleled knowledge and experience. There are also many interactive panel discussions.

Spinnaker Summit

The event has shifted to a virtual venue this October, and you can leverage this. There’s a rapidly growing community of Spinnaker users. The open-source delivery platform is constantly releasing high performing software. Their work is being used as building blocks by Google, Netflix, Adobe, and many more.

How technology helps students

The 2019 event had showcased their work with Google and Netflix with keynote speakers from both companies, and we expect that the same standards will be met this year. If you’re a developer or have your own experience, you can even apply to speak at the same event.

Enterprise Connect

This event allows you to get expert insights into the enterprise resource planning world. Meet your peers and network with them. The expo is a constant collaboration of key decision-makers in the industry over the new and emerging challenges in the area.

Learn about upgrading or replacing legacy systems, deploying the new generations of ERP, and help grow your understanding of the applications, collaborative systems, and networks. There are 60 + conference sessions and over 200 exhibitors in the event.


As technology progresses at a rapid rate, it becomes necessary to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. These free online tech events are a great way to stay connected with the changing industry and find more success in your ventures. Our personal not-to-be-missed, thankfully monthly event is Builder Live. Don’t wait any further. Book your spot now.

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