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So I’m supposed to be getting my iPod Touch tomorrow… I hope that’s a true fact. I can’t wait, mainly because I was so bummed out when I found out that some people had already received there’s and that the Apple store’s had already had them in stock. When I found out the stores had them in stock, I went over to my local mall (which has an Apple store) and wandered inside. I look through the iPod section and didn’t see an iPod Touch anywhere in sight, so then I head over to ask one of the people who work at the store. As I stroll past the Genius Bar and check out what’s going on over there I spot an employee who seems to be not so busy and by that I mean not being bombarded by customers, because as you can imagine the Apple store is the place to be these days.

Anyway, now with my hope fading fast to have the chance to play with one of these devices before I actually got mine; I walk up to the employee and ask him if he has any iPod Touch’s in stock. He then says, “Yanno what, I’m not sure…I know we had got a bunch, not sure if we still have any though.” so he goes to check, and about 30 seconds or so later he comes back and says “Well, we only have the 16GB model in stock” and the way he said it I can’t describe in text, but it seemed as if he meant it was a bad thing. I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I didn’t care I’d just love to have one. Anyway, I told him my dilemma about how I pre-ordered mine as soon as they were announced and I really wanted to play with one now at least be able to hold it, before I got my own. So he said, that’s probably possible, just go over to the iPod section and ask one of the guys over there if they have an iPod Touch on display. So I wander back over to the iPod section and ask another employee who’s manning that section and within a minute he’s able to get me what I wanted. I can’t say how pleased I was to be able to use this device. It’s spectacular, at least it seemed so for the 10 minutes or so I played with it.

Of course, to keep him from taking it back from me and to be able to continue my use of this beautiful piece of machine I played dumb and asked the typical consumer questions most of which I knew the answer to except when I asked him about battery life. Anyway, that was my experience at the Apple store and tomorrow I will be the proud owner of an iPod Touch – that’s engraved none the less.

Oh! and! I plan to open it on live stream! So be sure to check in for that… Anyone else play with the iPod Touch yet? Leave a comment!

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