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The word “Google” is synonymous with the idea of the web search, a fact that doesn’t really work too well for competitors like Yahoo and Bing. Now that the contract between Google and Apple to make Google the default search option on the Safari web browser is set to expire next year, Yahoo and Bing are looking to claim the default search spot in Apple’s browser.

A report published yesterday by The Information (and helpfully parsed by 9to5Mac) explains that the two companies are working harder than ever to sign a deal with Apple for the default search engine, which would feed millions of Apple’s customers onto their search network.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard these reports, of course. This past April, word got out that Bing and Yahoo were vying for Apple’s affections to find their way onto iOS. Now that Google’s contract is set to expire, however, the talks are gathering steam.

At this point, I’m going to put my money on Microsoft’s Bing, though it’s based on some pretty flimsy evidence. Essentially, this year Microsoft finally released Office for the iPad, a major concession from a company that had been hoarding all of its software goodies away from the competition. Microsoft seems interested in spreading its ecosystem to as many devices as possible, and getting its hands into Apple’s world seems like the kind of play that CEO Satya Nadella would push. Additionally, Bing could benefit users enjoying Office for iPad, potentially providing search capabilities within users’ files and documents.

Yahoo, on the other hand, doesn’t have as much to offer Apple – though it might have an edge in that it doesn’t actually compete with Apple in any meaningful way. In that way, Yahoo is a safer choice for Apple. Moreover, Yahoo recently partnered with Mozilla to become the default search engine in the Firefox browser. We’ll know for sure one way or another next year. Stay tuned.

[Sources: The Information via 9to5Mac]


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