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This morning, cloud storage company Box released updated iOS apps (for iPhone, iPod and iPad), rife with new features and a classy stylized look. But more importantly, the company is offering 50GB of free storage to users who give the free app a download in the next month. That’s right — just a simple, free download. No questions asked.

To add some perspective, Box’s free account subscription gives you 10GB of storage, a fraction of the gift they’re offering right now.

To Box, a company more regularly used by big businesses and production companies, this is a great way to bring the average consumer into the mix, and get them using Box. After all, if something is convenient, portable, and free, wouldn’t you use it?

In addition to this free space, Box had updated the apps with a new interface, preview support for over 100 file types, and commenting and text search to better find your important documents.

The app is available right now on the App Store, so if you have a compatible Apple device, we recommend at least checking it out. If not for the new look and new features, then for the 50GB of free cloud storage.


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