We are about to be faced with a question, a question that will most likely determine which company will have the most success in the wearable computer market.  Before I get to the question, let’s make one assumption: Apple is in fact working on an iWatch.  Now that we have that settled, here is the question:

Is there an ideal wearable computing form factor?

One that provides the best functionality for people, and also allows them to feel comfortable wearing it.  Basically, a wearable computer that doesn’t make you look like a cyborg.

I don’t know the answer to this question, but I think it could bring about an interesting discussion and that’s why I’m asking it.

We have already seen what the beta version of Google Glass looks like, and I think it’s safe to say that most people wouldn’t wear something like that.  However, Google is promising a more polished version for its initial public release later this year, so we will have to wait and see what it looks like when it’s all said and done.

I imagine (though I may be wrong) that the initial public release version of Google Glass will pose some challenges for people, such as for people who have prescription glasses already.  As far as I know, you cannot put prescription lenses in your Google Glass frames (again, I could be wrong), nor can you wear glasses and the Google Glass frames at the same time.  And again, depending on the finalized design, it may not appeal to everyone right off the bat.

If Apple is in fact working on a smart watch (iWatch), will it be a better form factor for most people than Google Glass?  While watch-wearing has definitely decreased among younger people, I imagine they might be more receptive to donning a watch than putting on a pair of glasses.

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And are glasses and watches the only two form factors that should be considered?  Is there another that may be better?

With that I leave it to you, what do you think?  Which form factor will dominate the market or is there room for more than one form factor?

  • I’d get glasses since I already have to wear them, and a watch but only if it’s waterproof. No use if it’s not, same thing with the glasses. Imagine being on a rainy day with these expensive pieces of tech that will die just from simple rain. That’s one thing I think these companies should focus on.

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