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Apple issued a new support article on their website explaining to people how to keep their iPhone’s from overheating (or at least, they hope).  The article is quick to mention that the iPhone must be within a certain temperature range for it to function properly.

Operate iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in a place where the temperature is between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F). Low- or high-temperature conditions might temporarily shorten battery life or cause the device to temporarily stop working properly.

Store iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in a place where the temperature is between -20º and 45º C (-4º to 113º F). Don’t leave the device in your car, because temperatures in parked cars can exceed this range.

Apple is acknowledging that iPhone’s are overheating but they do not seem to be taking the blame currently.  If this problem becomes persistent (especially as the summer months roll in – we’re already in July), we may see Apple issue a recall.  It appears though as of now Apple is trying to avoid a recall and is pretty much blaming the consumer for the overheating issues.

The article mentions that using certain applications in direct sunlight may cause overheating as well as leaving the device in direct sunlight in a hot environment.

What do you think?  If you are an iPhone owner and have experienced your iPhone overheating were you in hotter conditions than normal or using an application for an extended period of time?  Leave a comment!

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