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In an industry like travel and hospitality, where customers entrust large companies with a great deal of personal information, there is no such thing as being too cautious with security practices. Especially in an age where security breaches can happen at any time and one hacked email can reveal thousands of customer profiles, it’s critical that companies are taking appropriate steps to ensure their data is kept safe and secure.

That is why Airport Hotel Basel (AHB) has decided to collaborate with the decentralized, blockchain-based travel distribution platform, Winding Tree! By hopping on the blockchain bandwagon to secure their database, AHB is taking the necessary action to maintain customer trust and keep their information out of reach of hackers.

With the exception of large hotel chains who have the financial means and budget to invest in the most innovative technology, the hospitality industry is not the most up-to-date when it comes to integrating new advancements into their system. Certainly, smaller brands and hotels don’t always have the resources to take on an entire IT team; working with experienced professionals and finding the right tools to defend your business against cyber attacks can be very costly, making security measures not always accessible for smaller hotels. However Winding Tree’s use of blockchain technology grants equal access to all who wish to use their software, making it easier for hoteliers to keep up with technological developments and maintain their high standards for customer satisfaction. Additionally, Winding Tree’s open-source platform brings new opportunities for developers to the table.

Airport Hotel Basel, though a relatively smaller hotel, understands the advantages that investing in a blockchain solution, like that provided by Winding Tree, can bring to its company. Despite being a smaller business, AHB plans on communicating the solutions that Winding Tree is bringing to their brand to the larger hotel community at international conferences and events. Furthermore, AHB will be working as a brand ambassador for Winding Tree, helping to foster connections and make introductions between the blockchain-based platform and other hotels that are interested in securing their network. “Airport Hotel Basel and Winding Tree share the same blockchain-centric vision and beliefs,” said Pedro Anderson, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Winding Tree. Evidently, both companies are striving to well equip the industry against future cyber attacks, spreading their messaging using simple language to hotel professionals around the globe.

While AHB is a credible and well respected hotel, its small size cannot be taken out of the conversation. Indeed, in order to really sway industry professionals, a larger, more global brand may need to join AHB in its quest to protect customers against the dangers of hackers and other online threats. Nonetheless, partnering with Winding Tree to secure their system and maintain their customers’ trust is admirable and something that other hotels should mirror regardless of their size.

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