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A post on MacRumors today gathers images that were posted to an anonymous Twitter account that are supposedly of the as-yet unannounced iPhone 6. If these images are the real deal, it could confirm many of the rumors that have been circulating about the Apple’s flagship device.

iPhone 6 LeakAccording to the post, the images of the alleged iPhone prototypes “were initially shared by someone in China who claimed the images show the ‘iPhone 6.’” The post also points out that one of the photos shows the device as bearing the FCC text “that is generally added to the phone at a later date,” throwing some doubt on what look otherwise like some pretty convincing photos.

Of course, instead of trying to gauge whether or not these are authentic images, let’s go ahead and take a leap of faith and take a look at what very well could be the new iPhone 6.

The device in the images is quite thin and offers up a pretty huge screen. Moreover, the display is bezel-free, meaning there’s more screen real estate for touching and viewing. That would go a long way toward putting the iPhone in line with Samsung’s Android devices and the Google Nexus 5. The circle button at the bottom also has a lot in common with the one found on the iPhone 5 line.

It’s important to point out that this wouldn’t be the first time images of an Apple device have leaked out well ahead of its announcement. Last April we saw a leaked image of a front panel for the forthcoming iPad Air, and then a couple of glimpses of the still unannounced device in August. That’s a way of saying that this kind of leak isn’t unprecedented.

All that aside—they could easily be fake as all get out. There’s nothing happening in those photos that indicates they truly are real. They could easily be fancy mock-ups meant to make us excited about concepts and features that have been rumored.

What do you think—are you convinced? Or skeptical? Take a look at the rest of the images below.

 iPhone 6 LeakiPhone 6 LeakiPhone 6 LeakiPhone 6 Leak


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