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Last week’s iOS 7 beta release, beta 6, came about a week earlier than anyone had anticipated. The beta release schedule was to wrap up with beta 6 today, after which the gold master would be released to employees and partners for testing. But after an iCloud vulnerability surfaced, Apple was compelled to release a small, 13 MB update tagged as beta 6.

The iOS 7 betas have been largely the same OS we saw at WWDC back in June.
The iOS 7 betas have been largely the same OS we saw at WWDC back in June.

Those who hoped beta 6 would introduce more bug fixes and possibly give us something new to look at, you may be in luck — according to BGR, iOS 7 beta 7 is set to drop sometime today, keeping to the original beta release schedule that has been widely reported this summer. If Apple does indeed pop the cap on beta 7, you can expect that the changelog will be a little bit longer than the one for last week’s beta 6.

Are we going to see a lot of big changes? I don’t think so. Aside from some minor tweaks here and there, the latest iOS 7 betas have looked a lot like the iOS 7 we saw at WWDC. Sure, the system font was swapped out for a thicker variant, and Apple has altered the way certain UI elements behave, but if you watch the film from WWDC and look through the latest iOS 7 build in your hand, you won’t see much of a difference.

So you’ll likely see some long-lingering bugs squashed in beta 7, and possibly some visual polish as Apple prepares to release iOS 7 internally and, next month, to the world at large. We’ve probably seen all of the new features we’re going to see — aside from the thumbprint scanning, perhaps — so now all Apple has left on its plate is to tighten things up and make sure iOS 7’s launch goes off without a hitch come September.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Apple’s Developer Center and will let you know when iOS 7 beta 7 is up and ready for download. In the meantime, are you satisfied with what you’ve seen in iOS 7 so far or do you wish Apple would change a few things? Drop us a line below with your thoughts.


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