Apple vs OEM – Follow Up to Mac to PC Switch

The post originated due to a particular “challenge” and I must say it wasn’t too easy. Some of the reasons I myself, feel are lacking. I think Apple has done a number of things right and in fact, some better than OEM’s. I was in no way saying you should switch due to these reasons – that is far from the case. I was simply trying to compile a list of possible reasons which had some validity (I realize, not all of them were excellent). The title is obviously a play off Chris’ as it was in response to his post, plus I knew it would stir up some controversy and it worked. BestTechie Blog page impressions jumped significantly.

I am an Apple user, a Windows user, and even, occasionally a Linux user. I think Apple is doing it right when it comes to the production, the selection, and the usage (I’ll explain more in a bit). However, I do not feel this is a battle between MS and Apple. In my opinion, it’s more of Apple vs OEM Manufactures. The reason I am saying this is because Apple is not just a software maker, in fact, they are more of a Dell type-of-company with an operating system. Therefore, they are essentially an OEM, if you will.

Here is what it comes down to in my own opinion, OEM’s need to stop bundling this horrendous junk software on people’s computers. There are several other options to try such as, open source, freeware, and shareware solutions or maybe, nothing at all. Not to mention, any software to install should first and foremost be Opt-In only, Opt-out – not good enough. Perhaps, the OEM’s should reconsider their business plan here, you’ll be losing your market soon (already are in the laptop market), if you haven’t already noticed Mac’s run Windows too now, but not only that, when you install Windows on your Mac the installation is clean – no junk software.

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On top of the software, select your hardware more carefully. Generally speaking here, when Windows blue screens, a very common cause of this is driver conflicts/issues. Take a look at Apple for a second, people tend to complain about hardware selection, but when it comes down to it, you’re essentially guaranteed any hardware that says it will work on your Mac, usually will with no problems.

Now don’t get me wrong, choice is good, but at the same time choice can be a lethal mistake, you bombard potential buyers (some of whom may know nothing of computers) with all of these specs and no useful information about the hardware they are selecting I can almost guarantee it will cause a problem later down the road. Ever look at when you go to customize your Mac? Each step has detailed explanations under the “Learn more” link.

Who do we blame? I don’t really think you can fully say Microsoft is the major issue here, perhaps what needs to be done is Microsoft and the OEM’s (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc) need to get together and work out the approach, neither one should try and do it alone as they each have their respective fields. This is perhaps where Apple benefits in building their own machines as well as having their own operating system.

I strongly feel that if these issues aren’t resolved you can say Goodbye to some of these OEM’s. Windows isn’t going away, but the companies who build the machines for Microsoft Windows might not be as lucky. It’s not too late to save yourselves.

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  • judging by your article, if youre a mac user you need to spend some more time with your mac. there were a LOT of glaring mistakes in that list obvious to any mac user. and, regardless of your intent, you published a list of “reasons to switch” that aren’t really reasons at all.

    stick with publishing more concise articles like the one above.

  • I read the original piece, and I am glad that you posted this clarification.

    But aside from gaming, sound production, and creating 3d graphics, Linux really takes the cake on office and productivity stuff.

  • I like the list of reasons to switch from mac to pc.
    Macs seem so perfect that I kind of distrust all the hype.

    And yes I agree, too many companies make products with Microsoft OS. If microsoft were to produce their own computers and not let other brands do it, things probably wont be so varied.

    Plus I find macs are too homogeneous.

  • Thank you for publishing your list. I had been searching for information from someone who knows pcs and macs. I have an iphone I love. Looking at replacing two laptops. I was really wondering how to cut through the hype on both sides. Now I know that for many of your listed reasons, I will stick to a pc.

  • I work professionally with Windows on desktop computers and servers, I also work with various Linux distributions and FreeBSD on servers -and- I have a Mac Pro with Leopard and a bunch of so-called “Pro applications” at my home office and have been using Apple’s products intensively for several years now. I’m also a gamer and own an Xbox 360. Just to round up the picture, there’s also an iPod Touch and a Windows Mobile (office) phone in my collection.

    In summary, all of these platforms -except for maybe the Xbox 360- SUCK.

    Apple is a closed, proprietary shop that does everything in its power to NOT play well with others. They have gorgeously designed products, but that does not necessarily make them easier to use and it certainly does not make them higher quality products. They definitely look better and in many cases I prefer using them over their competition, but those “they’re so much better” ads are just marketing crap. In reality, a well-configured PC with Vista on it does the same job as well or, in many cases, even better.

    Microsoft is mostly a business/enterprise-oriented company, and they produce excellent products for that market. They -understand- business customers and their needs. Apple doesn’t give a damn about that audience, thus Apple products generally suck in an enterprise environment. They sell consumer gadgets.

    Linux does a great job as a server OS. It sucks on the desktop because it has way too many compatibility issues with the Windows world, and the business world -is- a Windows world. As long as there is nothing that’s 100% compatible with Microsoft Visio, Project, the rest of the Microsoft Office line AND alternatives to all those business software suites from whoever-wrote-them, Linux is no alternative for the business desktop. The Mac and OS X share this fate with Linux.

    FreeBSD is a wonderful free operating system and my personal favorite because of its consistency (compared to the incompatible-to-each-other Linux distributions). It’s also in part the foundation of OS X. But it shares the same compatibility issues to the business DESKTOP world with Linux.

    All of those platforms are generally too hard to use, maintain and configure – for non technical people. I should be happy about this: It puts food on my table. But I’m in this game now since the early 80s, and frankly speaking, it hasn’t improved. Computers have not really become easier to use, people just got used to them somehow.

    And what’s gotten worse to use over the years are telephones. They’re a nightmare, including the iPhone. And, in all honesty, I -hate- telephones. They’re loud and annoying and SMS is probably the unworthiest means of communication that we have in this time.

    But maybe one more thing about this PC vs Mac subject. PCs are simply a much more versatile platforms than Macs could ever hope to be. But since Macs are nothing else than designer PCs nowadays, let’s say that Windows is a more versatile platform than OS X, and that’s because of Apple and their NDAs and ridiculous, last-century EULA policy. If they wanted their platform to succeed, they would allow OEMs to ship it with compatible machines.

    I used to be a Mac and OS X fan and even convinced some people to buy Macs for themselves. But since then, Apple the company and their attitude have severely pissed me off (with multiple pay-for iPod Touch software updates, their we-sue-everybody-who-dares-install-OS X-on-a-PC-crusade and a ton of other stuff) and I now feel that I was wrong to ever buy anything from Apple. But I’m now trapped in an expensive hard- and software trap. Apple’s vendor-lock in is worse than anything that Microsoft could ever throw at their customers, and it would cost me a lot to switch back to Windows.

  • Hi,

    I am a mac user, very disappointed and so wanting to finally stop this nonsense having a mac and not being able to upgrade. I have an Intel iMac I want to throw out the window. My next computer is a PC, a minitower I can upgrade as much as I want. Lots of RAM, processor speed, it really sucks on the mac side, unless you buy a MacPro, 2 HDs, better video card, etc. I used to be a Windows user until XP, then to OS X. I am willing to give it a big try on Vista and 7 and don’t look back. I honestly thought I was the only one thinking about switching the other way around, I am glad I am not alone here, LOL, way cool.

  • I’ve been a mac user since 2005, when I started University and bought an ibook. I’m now finishing up my graduate degree, and I am anxiously awaiting my PC to arrive friday.

    Mac has done nothing but let me down, in the 3 computers I have owned I have had to replace them due to issues of the computer. One had a faulty soldering joint that caused connectivity issues – caused by using the power button the computer. (please, Mac, tell me how to turn on my computer without the power button.) It lasted 2 years, and I was told it ONLY lasted that long because I rarely turned it on and off.

    Now I’m on my second macbook, in which the keyboard and trackpad stick, and become unresponsive randomly. Not conducive to typing in my data, or finishing my thesis. Upon talking to the Genius bar, the response they give me is to replace the keyboard and topcase -roughly a $800 expense. I bought my new computer with MORE ram, etc for 556. I contacted Apple directly for assistance and it’s going on 4 months now with no response.

    Sorry Apple, but you’ve lost – up until now- a very faithful customer. I’m looking forward to my PC, despite the possible “hinderances” it may have.

  • sory dude, i own mac pro and now i awaiting till wednesday to pick up my first PC till 2004. mac pro did a good job, but after awhile i realized that i can do my work WAY FASTER on pc with windows and ONE processor aside. that i know cuz some guy from russia got me an screencast performing task on his puter. I collected the jaw from the floor after watching that.

    so mac pro IT IS NOT an solution

  • sory dude, i own mac pro and now i awaiting till wednesday to pick up my first PC till 2004. mac pro did a good job, but after awhile i realized that i can do my work WAY FASTER on pc with windows and ONE processor aside. that i know cuz some guy from russia got me an screencast performing task on his puter. I collected the jaw from the floor after watching that.

    so mac pro IT IS NOT an solution

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