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Apple added five new streaming services to its Apple TV streaming box today in a move that will be particularly pleasing to fans of premium TV drama and major sports. The additions of HBO GO and WatchESPN were touted by Apple in the company’s own press release title, and while those are the most popular services being added to the Apple TV, they aren’t the only ones. London-based Sky News has also made it onto the platform, as has anime streaming service Crunchyroll and concert streaming service Qello.

We first heard about HBO GO for the Apple TV a few months back when HBO added the AirPlay feature to its iOS app. The move signaled that the company wasn’t opposed to having its content streamed to the Apple TV, and at D: Dive Into Media 2013, HBO president Eric Kessler even stated, “We will get on Apple TV. There is no problem. These things take time.”

Time, in this case, was a mere four months.

For WatchESPN, the Apple TV was the next logical progression for a service that has already shown up just about everywhere possible. Cable subscribers can already catch games on their iPhones and iPads, as well as on their Xbox 360s. WatchESPN has supported AirPlay in its mobile apps since October of last year, but the addition of a dedicated streaming channel on the Apple TV lets ESPN fans tune in without having the battery sucked out of their mobile devices.

As for Sky News, that channel will be a welcome addition for cord-cutters who want access to a live channel for breaking international news, though the fact that Sky is based in London means there is a slight cultural disconnect. For instance, I just watched a weather report on the United Kingdom followed by a 15-minute report on where the royal baby will be born. So it may not be the most optimal news viewing experience for those based on the North American continent.

And if you’re a fan of anime, or if you enjoy streaming on-demand concerts from the music world’s largest acts, you’ll find the Crunchyroll and Qello channels very useful.

What do you think of the latest additions to the Apple TV? Drop us a line below.

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