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Apple just released the latest beta of iOS 7.  The new release, iOS 7 beta 6 is for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  Unlike the other beta updates so far, this one is a small 13MB update.

As usual, you can download iOS 7 beta 6 from the Developer Center [requires iOS developer account] or if you already have iOS 7 beta 5 on your device, you can upgrade via Settings > General > Software Update.

The update comes a week after the previous update and just hours after a report said that the beta 6 update wouldn’t show up until next week.  Nonetheless, the main focus of the small update appears to be on an issue with iTunes in the Cloud.  The update apparently addresses the issue when iTunes in the Cloud would unexpectedly download or play some purchased items.  I personally also noticed an issue where it would list certain items in iTunes in the Cloud multiple times in my music app on my iPhone — I’ll be sure to check to see if that is fixed as well.

Anyway, if you were noticing this issue there is a configuration profile (in the developer center) you can download and install after you update that should fix it.

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