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Here’s something to get the Apple conspiracy theorists buzzing. Ahead of its Oct. 22 event, where Apple is expected to unveil the iPad 5 as well as a Retina iPad mini, new information from analyst and former Apple employee Jamie Ryan (via MacRumors) suggests that Apple may trot out an official iPad keyboard case, too.

apple-october-2013-inviteIn case you forgot, the tagline for the Oct. 22 press event is “We still have a lot to cover.” Apple is no stranger to hiding riddles in its invites — the tagline for last year’s Oct. event was “We’ve got a little more to show you,” and that “little” thing wound up being the iPad mini. It was previously unclear what Apple might mean by “cover,” and some even joked that Apple was holding an event to show off new iPad covers. In light of these rumors, though, the tagline makes a bit more sense and those jokesters might not have been that far off.

There is still the “a lot” part, though, which I’m pretty confident refers to the new tablets Apple will be showing off tomorrow.

In his post, Ryan admits that the keyboard cases he was told about were prototypes and there is a chance they might not make the stage tomorrow. Apple has traditionally been very careful about which accessories it puts out for its products, instead leaving a lot of the heavily lifting to third-party companies. Such cases have been around for several generations of the iPad, though, and its hard to imagine Apple making a big deal about them now unless it was putting one out itself.

Aside from the Mac’s Bluetooth keyboard, Apple doesn’t really offer a keyboard solution of its own for the iPad, much less one that is integrated in a case. It would challenge the Microsoft Surface in this area as well as several Android tablets that have also keyboard docks available. An Apple-made keyboard case, according to Ryan, could also serve to make the larger, more expensive iPad feel more premium than the iPad mini.

The hardest part about hearing a rumor like this is waiting to see if its true, but fortunately, we don’t have to wait that long. Apple’s event will kick off tomorrow and we’ll have the coverage for you right here.

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