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We may be more connected than ever, but that connection has come at a cost. It seems every few days we hear about another hack or security breach on sites or services that we take for granted. The iCloud hack that resulted in private pictures of celebrities from a couple weeks ago is a prime example, which has led to Apple doubling down on security procedures for their cloud storage platform. Now it seems Google is improving the overall security of its Android platform, enabling data encryption automatically when Android L releases next month. 0

According to the Washington Post, Google’s latest version of its mobile operating system will feature data encryption from the get-go, whereas versions of Android have had the option to turn encryption on since 2011. The move has been in the works for the last few months, says the report, and that means that only users who can enter the right password will have access to data on stored on the devices.

“[I]n most cases will make it impossible for law enforcement officials to collect evidence from smartphones,” says the report, “even when authorities get legally binding search warrants.”

This isn’t Google’s first move in the direction of greater security measures for its customers. Back in March, the company encrypted all of its users’ Gmail messages. This, combined with encryption on Android smartphones, should hopefully give users greater peace of mind regarding the overall security of their information. That said, it’s never too long before security measures are overcome by those who would seek access to information that others would want to keep private. As such, it’s still important for users to exercise great caution and diligence when setting passwords and keeping sensitive data in secure places.

[Source: Washington Post]


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