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We all have certain expectations about what we’ll see at Apple’s big press event next Tuesday. Many believe we’ll most certainly get release information about the iPhone 6 – both models of the device – while some others also say that Apple will show off the long-rumored iWatch despite not having any units ready for retail this year. A new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims to have some specific details about everything Apple will be showing off next week – including, he says, the iPad Air 2.

According to a post on 9to5Mac, Kuo’s report claims that the iPad Air 2 will take the stage on Tuesday, and won’t earn itself a separate unveiling event in October. That fact, the post speculates, signifies that Apple isn’t going to be doing much to change the hardware, except a RAM upgrade to 2 GB and the addition of Touch ID.

The main thrust of Kuo’s report, however, concerns the iPhone 6, which will apparently come in 128GB models. Additionally, Kuo says that the iPhone 6’s cameras won’t have sapphire glass covers, after failing drop tests. Kuo also reports that the iPhone 6 will receive a revision to its power button placement and functionality:

“We predict (discussed in an earlier report) that the power key will be moved from the upper position to the side. We now further predict that the power key could be programmable to be integrated with specific applications, giving more input options in addition to being a power switch.”

Finally, Kuo makes some very specific claims about what specs the iWatch will offer when it appears at the event. According to the analyst, the iWatch will have 8GB of internal storage, 512MB of RAM, and will come in two different sizes to accommodate users with different style needs. That said, these are awfully specific predictions. Considering how many rumors we’ve heard about the iWatch for months, I wouldn’t bet the farm on these specs being completely accurate. We’ll know for sure by Tuesday, of course – so stay tuned.

[Source: 9to5Mac]

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