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The next Apple event is scheduled for next Thursday, on October 16, and that we’ll get a look at a new version of the iPad Air. Today, a Vietnamese tech site has posted images and a video of an iPad Air 2 mock up. Are they the real deal?

Over on, there’s shot after shot after shot of what the writer claims to be the outer shell of the iPad Air 2. True to form, it looks like Apple took an iPhone 6 and blew it up (even bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus, I mean). The rounded edges, the recessed home button that looks like it’ll feature Touch ID – the whole thing. One important detail that’s missing, as pointed out by a post on 9to5Mac, is the lack of a mute switch, which also doubles as a rotation lock for the display. This was left out, supposedly, to help the new iPad achieve its svelte, 7 mm thin design.

Take a look at this video that shows the alleged iPad Air 2 in all its glory:

It’s entirely possible that this is representative of the final iPad Air 2. Leaks like this have been common to Apple’s products as their launches approach – goodness knows there were more than a few iPhone 6 leaks many months prior to its release. And while it’s clearly not a finished unit, it looks close enough to authentic that there’s little reason to doubt its veracity as having come from the factory. Moreover, its iPhone 6-like design speaks to Apple’s commitment to the iPhone’s major design overhaul. Why shouldn’t they follow suit with their flagship tablet?

As of this writing, Apple has just sent out invites to the October 16 event, so it won’t be long until we see if these photos are legitimate. Stay tuned.

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