Talking tech since 2003, the personal homepage creation website that lets you strut your resume, job experience, social media profiles and overall bubbly personality online, is offering users a free domain if they upgrade to a premium account over the next month. So, from June 26 until July 26, you can upgrade your free account for $4/month (for a year), and you’ll receive not only the regular premium features (like Google Analytics support and the removal of the overhead navigation bar), but your very own .me domain as well.

In a nutshell, that’s a $48/year plan that also includes a free ($20 average value) webpage, allowing you the flexibility of your own domain name, but with the provided features of a host like, WordPress or Blogger. If you already have an page, it’s a nice upgrade for a fair price. If you don’t own a personal webpage and are in the market for one, you’re not going to find a much snazzier deal than this.


Features – What Do I Get for Free?

With the basic package that’s accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, you have the ability to fully customize your profile page with photos, a description of yourself, previous career experience, interests, social media profiles, and a customizable web address that looks like this.

You also have access to tools that let you know who viewed your profile, as well as what they liked or found interesting about you. Additionally, you have a free email address and ability to purchase packs of business cards built from your webpage’s data.

Features – What Do I Get for $48/year?

The premium package on nets you a custom domain, which is the address that’s currently only free with this upgrade for the next month. It’s normally not included as courtesy, so jump on it if you’re looking for a personal webpage at an affordable rate.

You also have access to Google Analytics support tools on your site to see “in depth stats” on who’s visiting, how many visitors you’re getting, and what level of engagement your profile is raking in. In addition to this, you get “front of the line” access for support help or questions about and your domain. You also have the option to remove the navigation bar that sits atop every basic page. Plus, you get all the features of the basic account.

To learn more about these packages and check out all the fine details, check out


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