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If you are studying for a masters in project and program management degree, then your smartphone is likely going to be one of the most useful tools that you own. Your smartphone can be used to keep up with your notes, revise, go over your topic information, practice exam questions, take notes, put together schedules, read textbooks, and much more. While studying for your degree, apps downloaded to your smartphone can be a great way to organize your time and get more done to get the most out of your program. Here are some of the best apps for project and program management students.

iTunes University

If you have an iPhone, the iTunes University app offers a huge range of curriculum and course material from a long list of universities, colleges, and programs around the world. Your own school’s course materials for your online MSMPP degree may even be available on this app. However, if it is not, there’s no need to worry since you’ll be able to find much more information from similar programs that could still be of a lot of use to you.

Bear in mind that the app is only available for iOS, so you’ll need to be an iPhone user to be able to access it.

While many vocabulary apps are a great addition to your toolbox when it comes to preparing for exams, many of them typically have a limited set of words. is a great little app that packs in a huge 2,000,000 definitions, allowing you to quickly find definitions, meanings, synonyms, antonyms and more for when you are writing assignments and preparing for exams. Never be stuck looking for the right word again!


You may have thought that Skype was just an app for communication, and in many ways, that’s the main aim of this application. However, for college students, Skype can be so much more than simply an app to call home on the weekend or stay in touch with your friends who are studying abroad. When you are studying for a project and program management degree from an online university such as Brandeis University, Skype can be an excellent resource since you can use it to network with professionals, contact professors and teaching staff for your online degree program, and even use it to find work experience and projects online to get involved with and add to your resume.


A general study tool app, Quizlet comes complete with millions of different flashcard sets designed for numerous study topics, including project and program management. The flashcards are created by current users who are studying at college or school, and if you are unable to find the subjects that you are looking for within the vast collection, then you can simply make your own. If you’re more of a visual learner, you can use audio and video in your flashcard sets as well, to make the learning experience more varied.

What’s your favorite study app? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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