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While many still argue that socializing online is in fact a more anti-social than civic, millions of us continue to communicate over a virtual platform on a regular basis. There are of course endless ways in which to do so and even online gaming now offers a variety of ways in which players can converse, interact and even assist each other in order to help enhance their gaming experiences. So, as we head towards the end of 2015, we’ve searched high and low to bring you the best social games available on the web.


In 2009 Zynga unveiled their new multi-player word game Words with Friends. It fast became a hugely popular title to enjoy with pals and was available to download for free as an app on both iOS and Android. The game itself is arguably more or less just a slightly varied version of the classic board game Scrabble but thanks to its random opponent and chat features it has allowed players from all over the world to come together and socialize thanks to their love of word-based puzzles.


World of Warcraft is often perceived as the penchant of the ardent geek but this gaming phenomenon from Blizzard Entertainment now attracts millions of subscribers from around the world. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game is thoroughly enjoyed by more than just the fantasy nerds amongst us and gives players plenty of opportunities to intermingle via online chats, personal emails and through in-game interaction.



Many games have directly originated from various social networks like Facebook and Farmville is one of the most successful titles to have emerged from the platform in recent years. The farming simulation app features a special neighbor system that helps you to exponentially improve your virtual farm-based productivity. Thanks to this social promotion more and more of us are now enjoying the game whilst working and socializing alongside our farm-enthused Facebook buddies.


In recent years the rise in popularity of online bingo has added an extra dimension to virtual socialising. Most online bingo sites now offer some form of live chat feature that will enable you to communicate with fellow players whilst enjoying your favorite game. Formerly regarded as a game mostly catering for bored housewives or elderly people looking for something to do to pass the time, bingo is now in fact loved by a multitude of players from various social groups and age ranges. And now thanks to the smartphone evolution popular versions of the classic game can be enjoyed on a mobile platform allowing you to chat, socialize, and even congratulate (or trash talk) other players.

Have a classic social game to add? Feel free to leave a comment!


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