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A business can operate better when most, if not all, of its processes are automated (that is, substituted or enhanced by machines). Automation is like having extra workers for lower pay while at the same time increasing the speed and accuracy of the processes. The business is also able to be more competitive in the market and to enhance its customer service.

You can consider using these tools for various functions, such as order processing, accounting, and marketing and communication, among others. To reach your customers efficiently, have tremendous results in highly competitive markets, and measure your efforts, you can consider mobile applications marketing, which has been proven to work. The experts that offer the service will guide you accordingly so that you achieve your goals and realize the best value for each dollar you invest in it.

The following are some small business apps and automation tools that will help increase your revenue:

Project management tools


This tool gives you a view on all your projects from wherever you are working—at home, at work, or elsewhere. The type of task does not matter, as Trello will help you get organized and accomplish anything. Your team will save on office supplies and avoid the stress of having to look for a sticky note with crucial information that may have been misplaced. Also, you can easily affect changes in any ongoing work, as all you need to do is check in and complete it.


Under normal circumstances, project management has to do with paperwork, files, whiteboards, and calendars. This tool, together with others like Trello, can help monitor projects and their respective details, including the people working on them, their completion date, and much more. WorkflowMax makes your life run smoothly.

Communication tools


Slack is a great tool that helps team members to stay in touch as they work on a project. Team members can communicate without attending physical meetings, a significant advantage considering people’s tight schedules. Additionally, Slack ensures that team members’ output is tracked on the program. This app is easy to use and doesn’t have many complications.

It is crucial for every entrepreneur to have a personal assistant for tasks such as scheduling appointments. is an assistant that makes use of artificial intelligence to connect you, your calendar, and those who are seeking an appointment with you in a well-organized way.

Sales and administration tools


This tool helps you as a salesperson to convert your leads by sending automated messages, creating templates, receiving notifications when your prospects respond, and tracking those who click on your links and download your material. You can also monitor those who are moving through the sales funnel or those who are having problems. Yesware comes in handy in saving time and reducing your stress.


Quickbooks is online, like almost everything else you use in business. The beauty of QuickBooks is that it syncs with nearly all other business tools; thus, there is no need to copy data into any other program you may be using, as the data will already be there.

If you want business proposals that look more professional and have a bit more ‘pizzazz’  then you might consider using templates like the ones Qwilr has, to create sales proposals to send to your clients.

Marketing tools


MailChimp is a fantastic tool that helps marketers to create automated email campaigns to avoid doing it manually. The program handles the rest for you, like sending the email to your mailing list members, which is a convenient process that saves you time.


Social media has become a unique part of business, primarily as a supplement, regardless of whether you like it or not. AgoraPulse is a useful tool to help you schedule your social media posts so that they are convenient for your customers’ schedules, which saves you time.


When running a special sale or promotion or launching a new product, Instapage will help you create targeted landing pages and monitor the results with ease, without having to redesign your website. You can even come up with several versions of the pages to maximize your landing page success rate.

Customer service management tools


Zendesk is a customer service support tool. Customer service is at the center of the success of any business, because happy customers become loyal customers and will say a positive word to others about your business. The best thing about this program is that it offers you the convenience of having different options to best serve your customers’ needs. Take your customer service to the next level by integrating Zendesk with other tools in your tech stack.


This tool allows you to set up all the customer service options you may want in one place in a fast and straightforward way. It aims to help small businesses develop as they expand their list of offerings. Groove is a great avenue to keep your customer service simple and effective in case the great tools such as Zendesk are too much for your business.


Your business will do better with any of these tools or a combination of several of them. The programs will help your staff tackle their tasks faster, your customers will appreciate the effective and prompt service, and you will save time and other resources. Your business will reap many benefits from satisfied customers as well as happy employees, thus growing your revenue.

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