Users of the Kindle Personal Documents feature: get ready to breathe a sigh of relief.

Amazon announced early this morning via email that it has upgraded the feature to allow file management via Amazon Cloud Drive. Previously, Kindle owners had to access a clunkier management tool on the Amazon website, which only allowed users to delete one file at a time.

amazon-cloud-driveNow, according to Amazon, Kindle owners can simply access Cloud Drive using one of several methods — the Web interface, a mobile app, or a desktop app — and manage their Personal Documents through a special “My Send-to Kindle Docs” folder.

Amazon also announced that documents sent to your device via a email address will retain their original file type instead of being converted specifically for Kindle, which means you’ll be able to open or share them just like any other Amazon Cloud Drive file.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Personal Documents feature, it allows you to transfer a document to your Kindle device by sending it via email to a special Amazon address. The document is then automatically downloaded to your Kindle. Documents can be deleted from a Kindle device but still show up in the “Cloud” section, so if you send quite a few documents to yourself and don’t delete them from the Personal Documents service, the “Cloud” area can become a bit crowded.

If you happen to accumulate a few hundred documents as I did, deleting them using the previous Personal Documents tools would have taken hours. Now, thanks to this update from Amazon, that same process will take seconds.

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You can learn more about Kindle Personal Documents by checking out Amazon’s information page on the feature. And, should you want to jump in and begin managing your Personal Documents using Cloud Drive, it can be accessed via the web at

Are you a user of Personal Documents? Let us know what you think of the changes Amazon made by leaving a comment below.

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