Gathers: A new social platform which enables you to connect to people all over the world who share the same interests as you

Here is a question. Have you ever attended a social gathering hoping to make new friends who share similar interests to you but have been left feeling frustrated because the people at these gatherings do not share these interests?

If the answer to this question is yes then Gathers is a site designed specifically for you. They recognize how difficult it is to make friends that share our interests locally. This is especially difficult if your lifestyle demands that you are always on the move and your time is restricted. 

They also appreciate that when deciding to host a social event, you will be concerned if anyone is actually going to attend. This persuades many people not to go to the effort of hosting an event altogether. Gathers excellently put these fears to rest however, with their excellent social platform.

The Motivation Behind Starting Gathers

Founder of this platform Khaled Alkulaib recently spoke of his motivation for starting this company. ”when we are children it is very easy to make new friends, as we get older however and other things take over, finding people who have the same interests as us becomes a lot more challenging, and anyone who has ever decided to host an event can tell you the several stresses that come with this, for example, should I spend this amount of money on setting up this event and most importantly of all, does anyone actually care? I believe that Gathers answers all of these questions and makes the act of socializing as easy as possible”.

You Can Communicate With People All Over The World

Gathers is a strong connected community, unlimited by boundaries or geographical barriers. According to Gathers, their simple aim is to take all the hassle out of finding new friends that share your interests. Leaving you only concerned with the fun part of socializing.

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Sign Up As A Host

This process has been made extremely simple. All you have to do is sign up as a host on Then schedule an activity or activities that people will book to attend, then you just wait. From this point onwards, you can start building your community.

Sign Up As A Guest

This is the easiest task of all. You can simply just sign up as a guest and browse through events that are being hosted that might interest you. Then there is the option to sign up for one of these events and then communicate with either the host or other people who will be attending the event.

What Events Can I schedule?

There isn’t much limitation, within reason of course. If you have a hobby or interest and want to share it with people, there are surely enough people around the world who would love to join you. Just to give some classic examples. Maybe there is a comedy program you are crazy about, but you don’t know anybody else personally who watches it, why not host an event to meet other people who love this show as much as you? Maybe you have a real passion for cooking but once again don’t know anybody who shares the same passion as you. Why not host an event where you can finally share this passion with other people?

This is the beauty of Gathers. Instead of hoping to find someone who shares your passions by chance you can be proactive and start your own community.

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Gather’s Missions

According to their website, the goal of gathers is to be a one-stop haven, where hosts and guests can share extraordinary experiences and foster a global community.

They bring a wide range of opportunities, including homes for short stays, rides you can share, and social activities with people who care about the same thing as you do. Therefore you save some time and money when looking for hosting opportunities both locally and internationally.

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