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Football season is just around the corner and, for many fans, the return of that sport marks the start of another — fantasy football. For those who play using Yahoo’s Fantasy Football product, an updated iOS app just rolled out today that introduces a completely redesigned interface, as well as the ability to draft from your iPhone or iPad.

20130725-163602.jpgThe redesign is evident before you even launch the app. The icon has done away with the detail and shadowing, adopting a more flat look. Opening the app presents you with a Yahoo Fantasy Football app that looks better and responds more quickly. The grass textures have been replaced with solid colors and moving between sections of the app is much snappier than in previous versions.

Perhaps it’s a nod to Apple’s new iOS design language, or maybe Yahoo just wanted to shake things up. In either case, it’s clear that the company is getting very, very good at design.

The updated Yahoo Fantasy Football app also added a much-requested feature for the 2013-14 season: mobile drafting. If you have a league draft to take part in and don’t have a laptop nearby, you can finally use your iPhone or iPad to join the draft and select the players for your team. And with mobile drafting comes mobile mock drafts, which let you test out your draft strategy before you take part in the real thing.

You can nab the updated Yahoo Fantasy Football app in the App Store right now. If you download the app and take a look, let us know what you think.

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