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I know this post may contradict my previous, however, I feel that I must. So that night, when I called my girlfriend before going bed, I told her about my problems. She said to me in a very non-serious, but not completely joking kind of tone, “Why don’t you do some fall cleaning?” I replied, “Yanno, that’s not such a bad idea! I’ll run disk cleanup in the morning….I mean, it can’t hurt, right?”

Next morning, I hop on my computer and run Microsoft’s disk cleanup utility, which can be located in Start – All Programs – Accessories – System Tools – Disk Cleanup. It scans my system and finds a few hundred megabytes of temp files, old system logs, etc. Alright, so I tick the stuff I want to have disk cleanup remove, and click Ok. It does its thing and within a few short moments, it’s done.

Now, I wasn’t expecting much at all, however, immediately after I ran it, I noticed an increase in speed. A few minutes after playing around, I noticed that everything seemed to be functioning properly and better than before. Once again, Vista had started performing like it is supposed to. I was shocked and surprised that such a simple utility would make such a huge difference in system performance. I mean, in all my years of running XP, I rarely ran Disk Cleanup and everything was always zippy, which is I guess why I was shocked. Nonetheless, I am extremely happy that everything is working how it’s supposed to.

Have you ever had an issue that was resolved by doing something very simple or something you thought would never work, but did? Leave a comment!


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