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A report from, a site that monitors the Windows Store, indicates that last Tuesday the Windows Store hit the 20,000 app mile marker and is rising quickly. According to their data as of Thursday the total number of Windows 8 apps in the store was at 20,610 apps worldwide.

Additionally, WinAppUpdate notes that most of the apps in the Windows Store are free too. The data shows that of the over 20,000 apps, 87 percent of the apps in the store (17,958) are free to download. It’s also worth noting that the app data is made up of apps that take advantage of the new Modern UI otherwise known as Metro UI and that it does not include regular desktop apps in its calculations.

The site also came out back in October claiming that there over 9,000 apps available in the store on Windows 8 launch day. These numbers are actually promising for Microsoft, considering the hell of a month they have had so far in November.

What’s more promising is that at this current pace, the Windows Store could reach the 50,000 app mark well before the end of March 2013 (that would be approximately 4-5 months since launch date). To put that in perspective, it took 8 months for Apple to reach 50,000 iPad apps within its App Store.

Not a bad start for Windows 8 apps. I guess now the question is, is anyone downloading them?


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