From Fitbit to Pebble, we all have our go-to choice for wearable devices and it appears we have many technologies to select from. My personal favorite is the Apple Watch, which, as you may be able to tell from my posts, I am pretty much attached to at all times. While it seems that wearable products are all around us, the wearables market is still in the early stages of expansion and has yet to reach widespread adoption.

One significant barrier that is standing in the way of more consumers embracing wearable devices is the charging experience. Wearable technology continues to shrink, becoming smarter, more portable, and more convenient. Yet the large majority of devices still require a plug-in cord, and smaller products still don’t have user-friendly charging solutions.

Wearables have simplified many of our daily activities and have become an integral part of our lives, and yet with their charging technology stuck in the stone age, these devices we are so dependent on are not always ready-to-use.

Humavox is aiming to change this. The leader in the wireless charging space believes that its technology is the key to widespread wearable and IoT adoption. Humavox’s platform makes it possible to wirelessly charge even the smallest of devices that would usually be extremely challenging to charge with a traditional cord.


Here’s how it works. Humavox’s ETERNA technology includes a tiny receiver that can be integrated into any type of device, from fitness bands to hearing aids. Then, any 3D container, such as any bowl, drawer, or bag, can be transformed into a charging station for the corresponding device. That way I, for example, could come home and simply drop my Apple Watch in the drawer of my bedside table and have it charge automatically, without even having to give it another thought.

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Humavox’ CEO and Founder, Omri Lachman, thinks the company’s technology is the solution to stalling wearables adoption. “Our goal is to make charging so intuitive that we blend wireless charging into life, dramatically improving the user experience,” said Lachman. “We at Humavox want to go beyond connecting smartphones, promoting widespread connectivity with any everyday device.”

While I love the idea of this technology and agree that it would draw in more wearables and IoT customers, it is unfortunately not completely dependent on the consumers. Humavox still needs to partner with the big dogs, such as Apple and Pebble, in order for them to integrate the wireless charging technology in all future devices. When that day comes and Humavox’s technology is integrated in the next generation of Apple Watches, you can bet I’ll be first in line.

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