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I have been using Viddler to upload and embed video for my show Rock n’ Review for the past week now and I must say I love the service. It is just phenomenal. One of the things I love is that you can upload up to 500MB and it can be longer than 10 minutes long. Another thing I love is the encoding time once the file is uploaded is fast. Once the file is encoded it is up and ready to be shared and viewed by all and this is something it’s competitors such as Revver and YouTube do not do – you have to wait a while for the videos to be processed.

Also, Viddler provides a number of user settings for almost every aspect of the site in terms of notifications. You can even include your Twitter and flickr feeds into your Viddler profile – nice touch!

One of my favorite features of Viddler is the ability to tag points within the video itself allowing for an awesome interactive experience. You can also setup your Amazon affiliate ID to embed tags for products within your videos as well. The only thing Viddler is currently lacking is a large community but we can change that by talking about Viddler – word of mouth is a powerful tool.

Check out Viddler it is an excellent service.

What video upload services do you use? Leave a comment!


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