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According to a report by Pocket-Lint, there was a white iPhone spotting in New York City.  A white iPhone 4 in the wild, you ask?  Yep.  It also appears that there are boxes of them over at Apple HQ in Cupertino.  So why haven’t they been released to the public?

As reported in the article by Pocket-Lint, the man spotted with the white iPhone has close ties at Apple and according to him, the delay is because the home button does not correctly match the rest of white casing around the device.  Which would make sense and go along with the other design defect rumors.

We haven’t heard much about the white iPhone 4 at all in recent months, but as previously reported, we could expect to see a white iPhone 4 in time for the holiday season.  A white Christmas indeed it would be.  The upcoming Apple event on October 20th may lead to more information on the availability of the white iPhone 4.  We’ll let you know when (and if) we hear anything.

[Source: CultofSteve]

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